The Family

Ed & Joyce – bought the farm when they married over 40 years ago and raised their 4 children (Maria, Heather, Eric, and Paul) while teaching them the value of working with family.  Now Joyce enjoys working in the back teaching her grandchildren how to grow.  Ed can usually be found taking care of the watering (which seems to be a never ending job) or driving around the country side running errands and making deliveries (or “bumming” as the grandkids say).

Eric & Ann – continuing the tradition by raising their 5 children in the family business (along with several horses, chickens, turkeys, and heritage cattle and pigs).  Eric is usually found covering 5 things at the same time, but with an easy smile, contagious laugh and unbelievable memory.  Right now Ann is usually found keeping track of their 5 kids (12 to 1), while helping around the greenhouse and planting a huge vegetable garden.

Maria – returned to the family business in 2007 after working for an international flower seed breeder/producer for 10 years in marketing.  She doesn’t consider herself to have the green thumb of the family, so she always looks for the plants that are easy to grow and very forgiving of neglect.

You’ll probably also periodically see Ed & Joyce’s youngest son, Paul, running a cash register on a busy weekend, as well as tinkering with all the electrical or mechanical needs (it’s a good thing he’s an electrical engineer).  Their other daughter, Heather, and her family can also be found helping out when they’re visiting the farm.

For those of you that have missed Storm, who passed away in 2009, you’ll be happy to know we have a new golden retriever, Hank (the cow dog).  Hank comes from the same family as Storm.