Garden Plans

There are so many different plants available that it’s sometimes difficult to choose, so often it helps to decide on a “theme” of what you’re looking for.  Of course some of the obvious ones are still the best, like a Butterfly Garden which features flowers that attract butterflies.

Gardens don’t have to be huge, so for each theme I’ve created 2 options, a smaller 4′-5′ “Accent Garden” that you can fill a little niche of your yard.  And if you have a lot of space, you can create a “Feature Garden.”  Besides space, budget may be a deciding factor, so I’ve included an estimate of the cost involved with the plants and possible accessories (landscape fabric, mulch, edging, etc. are optional and not included in the estimate).

Click below for printable copies of the garden designs:

Butterfly Garden plan

Hummingbird Garden plan

Kid Garden plan

Mary Garden plan

Shade Garden plan


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