Miniature Gardens

Fairy Garden                           Fairy Garden party

Creating your own Miniature Garden (or fairy garden)

Open up a whole new world of imagination!  Whether this is a project with a child or just on your own, you’ll have fun creating a home for the clever fairies in your home that find a purpose for everything.

All you need is:

  • Container & Soil – any shape or size will do, but preferably with drainage holes and a good draining soil mix.
  • Plants – after deciding if your fairy will be living in a shady nook or sunny spot, look for plants that like those conditions and stay smaller: ferns, sedums and herbs are just a few ideas.

Decorations – this is where you can let your imagination run free.  You can purchase many miniature items to start your spot, like the Arbor, wheelbarrow and birdbath shown, but you can make lots more.  Fairies are known to use whatever is handy, a lost button, broken tool, so have fun with it!

Dinosaur Garden – for those non-believers, you can create a dinosaur garden with the same materials, but typically use succulents, like cactus for the plants.



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