Winter Care

 Pest Repelling

Deer don’t only damage plants in the spring/summer, but can also attack trees/shrubs during the winter when they can’t find anything else to eat.  If you’ve had problems in the past, many customers swear by Plantskydd for the longest lasting spray even after rain. Click here for more great tips on applying Plantskydd repellents.

Poinsettia Care

Poinsettias are NOT poisonous.  The plant has gotten a “bum rap.” apparently early in the 20th century, when a child in Hawaii died and the poinsettia was wrongly blamed.  The reputation stuck and gained credence, although the USDA and the US Consumer Products Safety Commission have given the poinsettia a clean bill of health. 

Avoid drafts or excess heat from appliances, radiators and ventilating ducts.  Ideal temperatures should never exceed 72’F in the daytime or 60’F at night to prolong bright colors of the bracts.  Keep away from household traffic, and protect from damage by children and pets. 

Keep the poinsettia in a room with as much natural light as it would take to read fine print.  Water when soil is dry to the touch and always discard the excess water.  Make sure to either remove the foil pot cover or cut slits in the bottom for drainage.

Pixie Poinsettias as table centerpieces                                                      Flocked Fraser tree

Christmas Tree Care

Store your tree in a cool, shady location until you are ready to bring it into your home. 

Cut off at least 1 inch (2 inches is better) of the trunk.  Put it in the stand immediately and add water.  Some trees take up a gallon of water a day.  Never allow the stand to become empty of water.  When this happens, the cut at the base heals over and dries, and the tree will not take up any more water without providing a fresh cut again. 

Place tree away from heat sources.  A humidifier in the same room can help to keep the tree from drying out.  See that your electric lights do not have frayed cords or cracked sockets.  Turn off the tree lights when leaving your home or before retiring. 

A fresh tree containing adequate water WON’T support a flame.

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