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The best way to make change happen on a larger scale is to mentor others, so that they don’t have to learn everything the hard way, by trial & error.  Read here about one case of how we are doing our part to mentor others.

Fall Harvest

Although the greenhouse may be closed till May 2018, there’s lots happening on our organic farm this time of year.  Late summer means harvesting a lot of the small grains & planting cover crops that help keep down weeds & eventually become organic matter worked into the soil to feed next year’s crops.  Fall of course brings even […]

Happy Spring

Happy Spring! After an unseasonably warm February & March, it’s finally feeling like it’s planting weather.  We’re still waiting on a few “heat-lovers” to catch up, but most of the plants we’re growing are ready to go.  Here are a few updates on those that aren’t: Vine crops – we’ll have a few cucumbers, squash, etc. […]

Succulents Winter Care

 Succulents include a huge variety of types from cactus to hen & chicks to sedum in tons of different colors & shapes.  What they all have in common is that they have thick, fleshy leaves that hold moisture to keep the plant growing during times of extreme drought, like in the desert. Succulents are one of […]