Fall Harvest

Although the greenhouse may be closed till May 2018, there’s lots happening on our organic farm this time of year.  Late summer means harvesting a lot of the small grains & planting cover crops that help keep down weeds & eventually become organic matter worked into the soil to feed next year’s crops.  Fall of course brings even more harvesting of corn & planting winter grains, like wheat.  As for the animals, we are constantly moving them to new pasture land throughout the summer & fall until we finally decide to move the Red wattle pigs to covered structures with plenty of straw for winter protection.  Our grass-fed beef will spend the winter in pasture eating the hay bales harvested during the summer.

Throughout the year we sell our pork & beef to local home-owners & chefs for more people to enjoy the fruits of our work.  One of the talented chefs we have worked with for almost 8 years, Mike Phillips at Red Table Meat Co. is creating some of the best charcuterie in the US.  Click here to read more.