Greenhouse Produce

Winter production

More than 40 years ago Mom began growing vegetables to feed our family, which eventually became our greenhouse business.  Now we have come full circle and are back to growing produce, but this time around we are making use of our greenhouse to sustainably raise potted herbs & produce during the winter when it is so difficult to get fresh & local product.  We supply a number of restaurants & the Winona Bluff Country Co-op November-March. 

Although we haven’t gone thru the paperwork to certify our greenhouse production as organic, we actually grow all of our plants with that philosophy.  For more than 5 years we have been working on controlling all of our bug issues with beneficials (good bugs), so that we don’t have to spray chemicals.  We use Nature’s Source (previously known as Daniel’s) liquid fertilizer, which starts as soy-bean extract, so NOT man-made, and is much better for the plants whether vegetables or flowers.

If you’re from a restaurant or are looking for large quantities of any produce, please contact us for weekly updates on availability & pricing.

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