Pasture-raised Meat

“Your meat tastes like what I remember when I was a kid!” is the comment we get from customers constantly.  Part of it is that our animals are raised the way nature intended with only the best grass or grains, NO antibiotics, hormones or artificial supplements.  But we also raise heritage breeds that are more suited to our style of production which in turn produces more flavorful meat than the conventional breeds.  Although the animals are all raised organically, Eric has only gone thru all the paperwork to certify the farm (& grains) as organic.  You can buy cuts of frozen meat in our Retail freezer May-Labor Day (some cuts also found at the Winona Bluff Country Co-op).  If you need to stock up your freezer, contact us to order Whole or Half animals.  Here is the current availability status:

Red Wattle pigs

Red Wattle Pork – named for the “wattles” hanging from their jowls.  It has been labeled “The Best Pork” in blind taste tests (conducted by renowned St. Louis chef, Julie Ridlon), as well as noted as the favorite pork by several chefs across the Twin Cities.
The meat is deep red and interlaced with rich veins of fat, which liquefies when cooked, imbuing/permeating the meat with moisture.
·    Heritage Red Wattle pigs are raised in deep-bedded straw housing
·    Grown with non-GMO feed and organic feed from our farm – ABSOLUTELY NO SOY!
·    Diverse diet of various grains including wheat, barley, peas, triticale, and corn
Available as half or whole hog year-round, $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve.  If you’ve never purchased a whole or half hog, here’s some basic Ordering Info.

Currently we work with a number of innovative chefs, including one at Red Table Meats Co. that’s turning our Red Wattle pigs into works of art in charcuterie.  Click here to read more about Mike Phillips and his old-world art.


Cattle in pasture

American Milking Devon –  received by a member of the Plymouth Colony and was favored for its hardy foraging ability in uncertain grass conditions; their rich milking ability, and their docility and strength adapted them for use as oxen.  They were the first importation of cattle from Britain, although the Spanish had introduced cattle in the south. Today Devon has become the all-American cow because of its ability to perform and finish on grass, its superior fertility and maternal traits, and most of all its ability to deliver high quality grass finished organic beef to the consumers’ table.
·    Cattle are raised on pasture or row-crop land year-round.
·    Holistic intensive mob grazing utilized in the growing season using pasture or cover crops.

Available as quarter, half or whole beef with $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve. STOCK UP NOW & SAVE! Buy 25 lb or more of ground beef in November 2017 for only $5/lb.  ( or 507-689-4032)


Free Range Chickens

Broiler Chickens & Eggs
·    Fed organic, soybean-free feed
·    Cage free (Free Range during Summer)
·    Locally butchered, 5-8 pounds dressed weight
$10 non-refundable deposit, available late Summer-Fall



We also raise Turkeys occasionally during the summer, free-range & soy-free like our Chickens.   Call for availability.

Our daughter, Nicole, raised geese this year. She has some available for your Christmas dinner or any special occasion. They will be ready for pick up in November. She fed them a soy-free diet from the grain we grow on our Organic farm. Nicole also had them on pasture and moved them around the farm yard all summer with electric net fence. Let us know and we will save one for you ( or 507-689-4032).

MENTORSHIP – The best way to make change happen on a larger scale is to mentor others, so that they don’t have to learn everything the hard way, by trial & error.  Read here about how we are doing our part to mentor others.

Ever wonder where to find great local food?  There are a growing number of MN restaurants that know the best produce can be found right here.  The Bachelor Farmer restaurant in Minneapolis has our pork and bef (and vegetables during the winter) on the menu every week.  If you have a restaurant or are looking for large quantities of our meat, contact us for wholesale pricing.

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