Weekly Specials for June 1-7

  This week’s Specials for June 1-7:          -20% off all 6-packs          -20% off all Baskets          -50% off 16″ and 18″ Baskets          -50% off Nursery stock (Roses, Blueberry, Raspberry, etc.)          -30%-50% off All hard good’s (Liquid Fence, hats, […]

May 25-May 31

 This week’s Specials May 25-31:          -50% off Roses and Shrubs          -30% off Single pot Verbena and Dragon Wing Begonias          -30-50% off All hard good’s (Hats, Lotion, water fountains, Trellises, Liquid Fence, etc.)          -20% off Straight Dragon Wing and Calibrachoa Baskets   […]