Fall Mums

Home MumsWhen most people think of a Fall blooming flower, they usually think of mums first.  There are some great perennial mums, like the Mammoth mums, bred by the University of MN that are the hardiest ones available, but these need to be planted before mid September to give them the best chance of surviving our winters.

Most mums can be treated as Fall decoration, by placing them anywhere you want a splash of color, like your front door.  All of our mums are netted (an almost invisible nylon net), so they won’t break open with the first rainfall.  With cool, fall weather they can last several weeks to almost a month.  Click here for more care info.

If you’re interested in Perennial mums, definitely take a look at the Mammoth Mums bred by the Univ. of MN.  They are truly the only perennial mum for our area and named Mammoth for the huge size that they get after a couple of years growth, up to 3.5 feet tall and 5 feet wide!  They come in daisy-shaped flowers of bronze, coral, lavender, red, and yellow.

To get the most time out of your decorative mums: choose them with just a couple of blooms starting to open, fertilize until they are in full bloom, keep cool (outside with a little afternoon shade is perfect), since hotter temps will make them mature too fast.  We hate to see mums in July or August, since we know they will only last a week or two in that excessive heat.


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