While you are enjoying your flowers and vegetables during the summer, we’re already growing our poinsettias for the Christmas season.  Just like everything else we grow, we like our poinsettias big and showy in a variety of colors.

Our standard poinsettia is a Single, grown in a 7″ pot and typically has 6-8 blooms (bracts) per 16-18″ tall plant.  Our smallest (Pixie) is grown in a 5″ pot with typically 4-5 blooms on a 10″ tall plant.  If you really want BIG, we also have Doubles (2 plants in a 8″ pot) and Triples (3 plants in a 10″ pot).  Shown below (left to right): Double, Single & Pixie Red.

White Single Poinsettia on left, Red Pixie on rightAqua Poinsettia         Red glitter on red poinsettia

You’ll find the traditional Red and White, as well as Pink & Burgundy that the poinsettias naturally grow.  But we can have Fantasy poinsettias in a wide range of colors from Blue and Purple to Aqua (shown above center) and Sunrise.  We hand dye the Fantasy poinsettias, so they can be customized to create just the color theme you’re looking for.  Fantasy Poinsettia Color Options


For the traditionalists that still want a little something special, there are Glittered poinsettias, like the Red Glitter on Red shown above (gold glitter on white or silver glitter on pink).

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