City Beautification

We understand that everyone wants to beautify their town, whether for city pride or tourism.  Usually the trick is choosing the right basket, plants, fertilizer & most importantly having a crew willing to water every day of the summer.  Below is what we offer for City Baskets.

We recommend using a 18” Fiber basket, since we’ve found this size & style to hold the most water.  We understand city budgets are tight, so we supply the fiber basket and wire hanger free of charge, as long as it is returned to us each fall to fill for the following year.  (The first year we require a deposit that will be refunded when baskets are returned.)  We will also take care of replacement of the fiber pot as needed at no charge.

18x10-westernpulp       Rollingstone City Basket         Fountain City baskets

We will work with you to pick the right plants for your conditions and the look that you want.  We start growing the plants around Christmas, so that we can put together the baskets in February/March to grow in our greenhouse until Memorial Day week.  Plants will be covering most of the basket at that time, so that they are big & beautiful on Memorial Day.

Altura City Basket           St Charles City Baskets

Additional items included in basket price:

  1. Daniel’s Liquid Fertilizer to use every day (this is the key in keeping them looking awesome all summer!)
  2. Delivery of the baskets Memorial Day week
  3. We also donate additional annuals to plant in other areas around town (worth 10% of your bill to pick up after June 1.)

If you need us to pick up the baskets at the end of the summer, we charge another $5 per basket.  Otherwise you can empty the baskets & return the wire hanger by October 31 for no additional charge.

Please contact us with any questions or you can talk with some of the towns we already work with (Altura, Lewiston, Rollingstone, St. Charles, MN & Fountain City,WI).  If you would like to work with us for next year, we need to know by October 1 in order to get supplies and start plants in December. We look forward to helping you next year.

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