If your nonprofit group is looking for ways to raise money, we have several opportunities throughout the year, OR if you’d like to purchase our products and support local groups, see the different options below.  At this time we can only deliver to locations within a 50 mile radius.  If you would like to discuss opportunities and pricing, please contact or fill out the on-line contact form at the bottom.

Pink Hydrangea

Easter Fundraisers

When we’re all tired of winter, Easter flowers are a welcome option.  You can offer something to brighten up customers’ homes, work or Churches, please contact us for any of the items below.

Florist Hydrangea -Available in Rose-Pink (pictured above) or Blue with anywhere from 6-10 blooms per plant.

Florist Mums – Bright Yellow (pictured above), Pink or Purple represent the typical spring/pastel colors.

NOTE: “Florist” means these can be forced into bloom at this time of year but will not survive our winters like traditional perennial hydrangeas & mums

Easter Lilies – Single lilies have 7+ blooms per plant, making them showy and long lasting.  There are also triples available.

NOTE: After the Easter Lilies are finished blooming, remove from the pot and plant in the ground.  They will come back the following year like other bulbs or lilies (just not blooming at Easter).


For those wishing to support our local groups and purchase Easter plants, you will need to check with the group to find out what they are offering, price, when orders are due and pick up date.

Lewiston:    St. Paul Youth Group – Diane Rislow @ 523-3138 or

Rochester:     Holy Spirit School – Linda Brech @ or Mary Margaret @ 280-0638


Spring Fundraisers

Working with several fundraisers in the past, we’ve found that keeping their spring offering simplified is the best for ease of operating it.  We can work with you to determine what works best, or you can take the sure-fire route by offering Pork & Plants Gift cards ($20, $50 & $100 denominations, or whatever you’d like).

St. Charles:   


 White Single Poinsettia on left, Red Pixie on right         Sunset Single poinsettia on left, Pixie on right         Red glitter on red poinsettia

Christmas Fundraisers

If you would like to support our local nonprofit groups for the 2013 Holiday season, order Pork & Plants grown Poinsettias and pick them up close by home.  For many groups, orders are due by November 10th, so that we can make sure to deliver what they need by the first week of December.  You will need to check with the group to find out what they are offering, price, when orders are due and pick up date.

Cochrane-Fountain City, WI: CFC PTO (Cochrane Fountain City Schools PTO) – or and click on the PTO tab on the left side of the home page

Houston: High School Band – Paul Grupe @ or 507-896-5323 ext. 1112

Lewiston: St. Paul Youth Group – Diane Rislow @ 523-3138 or



Several of the above Fundraisers are also offering 10″ hanging baskets & pots of Winter greens.  Click here for examples of the Holiday greens options.  Be sure to ask when ordering!