Tips to keep your flowers blooming

     I am amazed each year how it seems that July gets shorter.  Time in general is going a lot faster.  Is this happening to you?  I remember as a kid, riding my horses, helping in the garden, and having time to play while the Summers seemed to last longer.
     I know what it is like to keep everything nice while having lots of summer activities going on.  You have worked so hard to keep the flowers you bought this Spring looking nice.  I would like to share some thoughts on how to keep your flowers going strong long into Fall.
     1. Keep “Nature’s Source” fertilizer in the water (every watering).  Even your flower beds may need a shot of fertilizer now that they have been established a while.  Especially spreading Petunias, they require 2-3 times the amount of fertilizer compared to other annuals.  We just put some fertilizer on our sign bed to give our Wave Petunias an extra boost of food.
     2. Keep them watered.  Once again, plants like Wave Petunias may require watering every day, if not twice a day on those really hot days.  Don’t forget to water on rainy days!  Most rain events are not enough to provide the day’s water requirements, especially since most of the rain is shed by the foliage.  However, some things like Begonias like it a little dryer, so you may not have to water them as much as a Petunia.
     3. Trim off those extra long straggly ends, so that everything is even.  This will sharpen up its shape and encourage the plant to fill in and send out extra blossoms.  For plants like Petunias and other vines, just cut where you want the shape to be.  Begonias and other more upright fleshy plants, cut right above a joint.
     Thank you for the wonderful and fun Spring season.  It was nice to see you again and get to know some new people.  I look forward to seeing you next Spring.  Yes, we are already planning for 2019 and have most of our orders in.  I will keep you updated as to all the new varieties that we are planning.  Make sure you check out Facebook for pictures and reminders.
     Now that we do not have retail hours, I want to make sure you know to give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions or need fertilizer for your plants.  If you need meat for your summer grilling or bonfires we have Weiners, Brats and all the other cuts on hand.  Wanting to fill that freezer for economical nourishing meals?  We have whole and half hogs available anytime.  Just give us a call or email.