Weekly Specials April 21-April 26

     We open tomorrow April 21st at 9 am.  It appears we will still have snow on the ground.  The parking lot will be muddy and slushy.  Please be careful, hopefully it will not be slippery.
     Do to the weather all of the perennials and the shrubs will be in the retail.  We will have some annuals out but not all of them since it is to cold to plant anything. 
     This weeks specials April 21-26: 
        – 50% off all Merchandise (pots, Fairy Garden, gazing globes, ect…)
        – 30% off all succulents (They can be used as house plants where it is warm)    
     Come and see some color and get everything you need to get your spring garden ready.
                                                                                  Until next week,